Death in India


Yesterday I met my ex-boyfriend and we spent some time talking over some of our experiences together and since we’ve been apart. We split up in 2009. It was a relief to see him yesterday. I ran away from him when it got difficult in our relationship. Ultimately, I ran away from myself. I closed down. Meeting him yesterday and talking about our relationship allowed me a sense of it being okay and I let go. We still have this strong connection that comes from our similar worldviews. I saw how much his vulnerability frightened me because it reflected my own. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t drawn / painted / coloured in for a while – fear of my vulnerability. Those activities access different parts of my brain and drop my guard against suppressed memories and feelings.

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science in a can I love this article. Late night visits to the kitchen to make toast generate that smell of hot metal as the element heats up, clicking occasionally. It never occurred to me that there might be a smell in space. But it makes sense. In October, when the air cools down, I can smell the cold. It brings a sense of foreboding: a need to take care of the draughts in my flat before they eat up my heating and cost me and the earth pounds of damage. This year I’m intending to make draught excluders for my doors and windows from old pillows and quilts.

made by Julia Fry, Brighton, East Sussex, England


I’m making a book of how I made some of my art in preparation for an interview at the University of Brighton. I’d like to get myself onto their Moving Image degree course. So the first thing I’m doing is subverting the book manufacturer’s advertising on the first page and making it my own. I found a font on my computer close to the one they’ve used and I’ve decided to use pink because my printer ran out of black ink ages ago. I’m enjoying cutting, tearing and sticking very much indeed.