Vegan Runners UK – promo video for Brighton VegFest March 2017

A short, uplifting video edited from photos and video shared with me by vegan runners.




What is closeness? How does closeness between non-romantic friends impact on a romantic relationship? This short film documents a part of my relationship with my ex, John, that had a huge impact on our relationship and raises questions about group norms.

Alice’s adventures at Black Rock


Alice revisits Black Rock, a place she used to explore with her Uncle in her childhood. Whilst there, she is triggered into remembering a specific instance of sexual abuse. The film weaves in Brighton’s connection to Lewis Carroll, a suspected paedophile, writer of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

This is a re-edited version of the film I completed in January 2013.

Place: It Burns And Turns To Ash


Maya Deren’s film, Divine Horsemen, made me think of the free parties I used to go to at the temple room cut into the undercliff opposite Volks Railway Station at Blackrock, Brighton. Unfortunately, the temple room is fenced off and seems to be undergoing renovation but I did find an alcove (see photo above) that might do instead for my next film.

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Evaluation of Fade To Black: a conversation with my mother

The movie, Fade to Black: a conversation with my mother, was made using a process of random choice and using whatever was happening in the moment. It contains pieces of my side of conversations with my mother, music written by my son, and a visual study of the environment in which I live including the ordinary sounds that occur in and around it.
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