My boyfriend, John, split up with me at the beginning of August. During spring he agreed to be filmed as part of a documentary I was making for uni. This short film is a way of grieving the loss.


Word Bullets

This is Julia. She’s on her way to meet Michael at Starbucks, near the Library. It’s Wednesday afternoon. She hasn’t seen him since Sunday night when he returned to her bedroom in the middle of the night and stated that he had to go home because he felt sad. She’s on the phone to Gez, arranging to meet him later today and she spots Michael walking down the street towards her. Subconsciously she evaluates his mood; consciously she smiles at him. She asks Gez to hold on while she kisses Michael hello and then resumes the conversation to say goodbye. They walk the short distance to Starbucks together, back in the direction Michael has come from. As they walk, they talk and almost miss the entrance to Starbucks but Michael points it out. Continue reading