Small Stone #5


Rough crunch;
chilli in the chocolate tickles my tastebuds and moves the temperature in my mouth up a notch;
ragged strips of carrot and beetroot,
tossed around by my tongue and teeth,
melt to a smooth paste;
I swallow;
the cookie is no more.


sunny nana n raisin cookies


I love it when an experiment turns out nice. cooking and baking are things I enjoy so much, especially when I’m feeling low – they lift me. I got the original recipe for these cookies from the back of a wholegrain spelt flour packet and I’ve tweaked it. I put some spelt flour in a mixing bowl and added one teaspoon of baking powder. I peeled and chopped a banana into small pieces and introduced it to the floury mix along with some sunflower seeds, raisins, almond oil and honey. I just guess the measurements – I can always add more of something if necessary. then I stir the mixture until the ingredients are dough-like – well, that’s if the ingredients didn’t include banana! what a sticky mixture! I placed flattened lumps of it on a greased baking tray and bunged them in the oven at 170° for ten minutes. they are soooooo delicious. I am now officially cheered up!