Light as promise

“I discover how in the corner of a small room the light, falling on two peeling walls and half a dozen thrown-down flowers, is a kind of promise from some distant, unimaginable future.”

John Berger, Bento’s Sketchbook

a study of oil and vinegar

I played with the macro setting on my camera phone after noticing the light and shadows on and around these oil and vinegar bottles on my kitchen work surface. I like the blurry effect of the last photo. The detail is blurred but the focus remains on the light and shadow. I think a different angle might produce a more pleasing shot – the vinegar bottle appears to be leaning to its (I have a strong urge to call it “he”, perhaps because it’s taller than the olive oil and matches my media ingrained idea of a male / female relationship) left. I ran these off while cooking and wanted to eat my lunch more than continue photographing.

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