Keeping Afloat


I took this photo on my way to work. The floating house was on the side of a van. Reflected on the van is an image of me standing in front of a house. I didn’t take long to compose the photo and I like the way it turned out, particularly the way the windows of the reflection and the van image are lined up. The image on the van reminded me of a drawing I made a couple of years ago of a floating house. It’s quite ramshackle and open to the flow of nature.


Response to banging


My response to the intermittent banging that emits from the flat above mine when my neighbour chops ginger with a meat cleaver is to make indentations repeatedly with my biggest kitchen knife into this painting. Previously I have used a knitting needle and a biro; the big knife is much more satisfying.

As well as releasing my anger about this intrusive intermittent act I can physically see the extent of it; art reflects life.