La Luna and The She-Wolf who held the pain


The Three Muses set their weekly artistic challenge: “the moon”. It ties in with one of my current projects: telling the story of the different identities my imagination created during my childhood to protect me.

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If Legal Highs Leave You Dry, Sculpt A Painting


After finally agreeing to take anti depressants, I felt peculiar. Then I realised: even though my counsellor told me, at least twice, that all my emotions, including anger, were welcome in our sessions, the message I was giving myself by taking anti depressants was that they were not. So I weaned myself off them and glued the remaining ones to this painting. Continue reading

The Making Of “B utterflies”


“B utterflies”, seen here unfinished, is a collage on whitewashed cardboard with 3D butterflies-with-a-difference. I used whatever was laying around to prop up the wings as the glue dried: pen lids, biro, scouring pad!

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