Singularity (2015)

18′ 6″ HD video & 16mm to video, sound; Trailer 3′ 47″

A virus, transferred by touch, changes humans into Transhumans. The final outcome of the virus is not yet known but humans, spurred on by media propaganda, perceive Transhumans as zombies (mindless, cannibalistic, undead). Singularity is one Transhuman’s rhetorical device, which asks humans to consider the suffering caused by their assumptions. The film uses a mix of photographs – still and moving – shot with analogue and digital cameras, to build a story of intertwining images and text-based narration. Sound is used sparingly to create an experience of tension and relief. The film is a quiet, nonjudgmental reflection on the projection of alterity.

Bike Hub A Documentary (2014)

20′ 8″ HD video, sound; Trailer 2′ 10″

What began as an immersion into the nuts and bolts of a community bicycle workshop became a witnessing of a conflict between the owning managers of the project and the project co-ordinator. Because I was volunteering at the project before I decided to make a film about it I felt uneasy about a potential conflict of interest but I think I have portrayed the conflict in as unbiased a way as possible. The major part of the film is dedicated to the soon-to-be-demolished building and the experience of using Bike Hub at its peak, with its happy community vibe; the conflict is contained by these two factors.

House Boat Train (2014)

5′ 22″ HD video, sound

Inspired by John Cage’s compositional process, I took some video and audio footage of a house, a boat and a train and edited them together using a random choice process. The film contains instructional photographs and the finished edit.

Play In My Flat (2014)

20′ 07″ video, sound

This film formed part of my presentation of the site-specific play / film / performance of Play In My Flat on Thursday 27 March 2014 to University of Brighton tutors and students.

Not Punch and Judy: The Chronicle and Story of an Experiment in Emergent Practice (2014)

9′ 5″HD video, sound; Trailer 56″

Using ideas from Carl Jung – exploring and accepting the inner world, Carolyn Abbate – analysis of dissonance to find the narrative voice – and Hilde Lindemann Nelson – using narrative to repair damaged identity, I filmed a process of creating puppets and recorded some of the thoughts that arose as I made them. I utilised emergent practice in the filmmaking, which meant letting go of preconceived ideas to let narrative arise in the moment. I designed and built a contemporary Punch and Judy theatre to display the work in the second year show at University of Brighton. The idea was for the puppets to unite, rather than fight as per the traditional dysfunctional relationship style of Punch and Judy.

Adaptations (2013)

5′ 53″ HD video, sound

This film shows someone realising something is not right in her relationship with her partner. I used this film to test my sound editing skills – all the sounds were downloaded from and mixed by me.

u-turn (2013)

11′ 38″ HD video, sound; Trailer 1′ 18″

The intent of the film was to explore how learning to ride a motorcycle could be empowering and freeing, to some extent, from the effects of the childhood sexual abuse. The film contains conversations with other motorcyclists about motorcycling, learning and how sexual abuse is perceived in society, alongside old photographs and diary excerpts.

Washing Up (2013)

10′ 48″ HD video & 16mm to video, sound; Trailer 1′ 38″

Based on Alice’s Adventures At Black Rock, this film is set twenty years later in a psychotherapist’s office. The main character, Ali, confronts the past with the guidance of Howard, her psychotherapist.

Alice’s Adventures at Black Rock (2013)

11′ 9″ HD video, sound; Trailer 1′ 43″

I began with an idea of using place to show how it can change in the eyes of the viewer depending on their mental state. It developed into using references to Lewis Carroll and his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. There is an academic debate around whether Carroll was a paedophile. The main character, Alice, is triggered into remembering a traumatic experience as she explores an area of Brighton (Black Rock) that her Uncle used to take her to when she was a small child.

Not a Gravestone (2012)

2′ 1″ HD video, sound

Caisie died aged seventeen in 2011. Her friends use a silver birch at the Level, a park in central Brighton, UK, as a memorial. All the decorations stuck to and around the tree remind me of poison ivy. I used this premise in order to learn digital equipment (camera and sound) skills.



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